New Year – New Planner! Drumroll….

I will be the first to admit I was disappointed in last years planner. It was the first year I had handed over my designs to a publisher and no longer was in control or knew all the answers to every question. And for that I appologize.  So this year when they approached me to do another year, I had my reservations. But they promised a better product, a sooner release date, and they promised to make you all happier. 🙂 that made me happy so I proceeded to design and improve The Home Executive Day Planner for you.  

The design has been a sure hit which I’m so happy about.  And there are some new features that will help everyone be more organized like budgeting and bill paying pages.  Each month now has goals you could focus on and new recipes submitted by you. There are long uncategorized shopping lists each week plus a new shopping reference page in the back to remind us of the little things we might forget.  And for meal planning, I found it helpful to make a master family recipe page, listing ALL our favorite recipes.  That way, when I was planning my weekly meals I had a list of favorites to choose from.  AND, I have been asked for more pages to take notes on – so now there are 12 pages in the back totally blank for notes.

Basically I am SO excited for you to get your planners this year – and in MAY!!! So much earlier than last year!

Plus – we are already making fun plans for next years Home Executive Day Planner to be even better including some additional products.  If you have ANY ideas that you would like to see in the planner please let me know and we will see what we can do.  Click on the planner cover below to look through the 2014/2015 planner!

Happy Planning!

2014 Cover

4 thoughts on “New Year – New Planner! Drumroll….

  1. I totally love your planner. The upcoming 2014- 2015 one looks even better than the current. I am looking forward to the addition of bills and budget sheets. In the future would it be possible to add tabs to each month? This may be a design choice not to include and if so I apologize for asking. That is the ONLY thing I miss with your planner in comparison to others. (And by far not a reason to change). Just wondered if that would ever be an option. Thank you so much for helping me stay organized!

    • I’m so glad you love it. I would love to add tabs – I looked into it this year but it would have increased the price and I didn’t want to do that two years in a row. Maybe next year. Thanks so much!

  2. I’m a multi-year user of your planners (but didn’t get last year’s version). I would love a page at the back to list a little info on each of my children – things like their clothes sizes, shoe size, gift ideas, school schedules, and/or a misc. section. I would also love a tab for each month (with the calendar pages right behind it). A tab would make it easier to navigate to the exact month. I like that your planner isn’t “too much” but is just about the right about of pages for my needs.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, tabs would be good, it might make the price go higher but I’m looking into it for next year. I love your suggestion for the misc. page on the kids. I had another suggestion similar the other day, maybe making it like a back-to-school page where you could put that info along with school supplies needed for each child. Thank you so much! I hope this year’s planner will work for you. If you want last year’s it is currently on sale for $1.50 if you go HERE.

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