Vacations without kids

IMG_1366 san diego

san diego zoo

So my husband teaches High School and a few months ago he came home and said he was asked if he and I would like to be chaperones to California for Spring Break.  I asked where we would go (since we have a family vacation there this summer) and he listed Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland!  Wow!  My first thought was that our girls would have a blast since this summer we’re only going to Disneyland.  Then we found out the school district doesn’t allow children on trips.  We thought about it and decided we needed a vacation of our own and the girls would have fun with their Grandmas…so we signed up!

The day finally came to leave and I was so EXCITED!  I was receiving mixed reactions from other moms however, about going on such a fun vacation without our kids…and I had a little guilt in my excitement.  We didn’t tell our girls all the places we were going and really built up their VACATION with their Grandmas!  Our moms were great and split up the nights we were gone and watched our girls.

So how did it end up?  The girls were super excited for their 6 sleepovers without Mom and Dad and I have to say it was FABULOUS!  I definitely recommend it!  My husband and I had such a fun time together in these fun places.  It was so nice to have a real vacation away together and be able to sleep in a little and eat our meals like normal people!  We were able to just be us as a couple and have fun. Our girls did great and when we got home, my mother-in-law said, “Wow, I don’t know how you do this every day – I think you guys deserve a vacation every three months.”  Ha ha!  I’ll have to take her up on that!

It was healthy for all of us – I think it was healthy for the girls knowing they could survive without us for a little while and that their grandmas were fun and would take care of them.  And healthy for us to feel like us again – it was great!   Also, it helped to know that the girls weren’t totally missing out since we had a family vacation planned for Disneyland a few months later.

So what are your thoughts?  Have you done similar?  Did you feel a little guilty but then loved it, or not?


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