Hello fellow Home Executives!  My name is Jen.  I started this blog as a way to introduce the world to a day planner I created called the Home Executive Day Planner.  The name seems so fitting because a home has so many elements that need to be organized, planned, and run that you truly do become the Executive of your home.  I still design my planner but I have a publisher that gets it out to all of you, so I wondered what to do with my little space on the web. My husband has said to me countless times, you need to blog!  Everyone loves the planner, you need to blog!  Or, share your recipes, you need to blog!  So, with that I have decided to commit myself  to the blogging world and see what I have to offer.  Hopefully you will find some of my ideas, ramblings, recipes, or whatever else somewhat helpful.

As a Home Executive myself, I do my best at my roll in life.  I’m not perfect but I have my tricks that I feel help me look like I have everything under control (unless you come to my house between 9:00 am and noon, or go down to my laundry room on Mondays or Thursdays – ha ha!)  But aren’t we all like that?  I at least like to pretend I’m not the only one with some disorder.

We have a little home soon to be filled with three little girls.  We luckily have a boy dog to help my husband try not to feel too outnumbered – ha ha!  We love our house of little princesses and I’m sure you will read a lot about my family – they are my loves and my life.

With that introduction, I hope you enjoy the blog.  Please leave me comments – I’ll admit I’m not the fastest at replying, but I’ll do my best.  I do love to hear from you, you have all made my planner what it is today.

Jen Boss


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