Our Sad Farewell…

Dear wonderful Home Executive customers, we are sad to make this announcement, but after six great years of planning, we have decided that the 2016-2017 planner was our final publication.  This has been a wonderful journey and we are grateful for all of your continued support.

We are excited for the future as our focus shifts to using our talents in graphic design to help others present their ideas, services, and opportunities in as beautiful a way as possible (this is our shameless plug, but if you’re ever in need of some design work, please reach out!)

At the beginning, we wanted to create a planner with everything in one place.  A planner that was functional, yet pretty, and well laid out while not taking up a lot of space.  The “mom” planner world has grown since we began and there are so many beautiful and fun planners available now.

Below are a few planners we would like to refer to you as you begin to look for a planner to begin 2018.  Thank you again for the past six years.  We have loved creating The Home Executive Day Planner.

365 planner

Day Designer

Erin Condern



114 thoughts on “Our Sad Farewell…

  1. Oh – Also I love the 18 month design! I find that it makes it easier to transition from old planner to new planner. I can make notes in my current calendar without carrying two around (as I’m approaching the planner transition).

  2. This is my third Executive Home Planner and I love it! I’m a bit of a planner snob – I’ve tried them all. I love the tabs, the change in design each year, the very versatile format and especially the simplicity. The planner is sturdy, lovely and perfect for what I need. I’m here today already looking for next year’s design.

    One idea – could you put the month name on both sides of the tabs? I actually hand-wrote them on the back sides this year because I flip back and forth a lot.

    Thanks again for a great planner!

  3. I absolutely love my planner! I just wish that they would go from January to December and have a 12 or 24 month option.

    • Thank you. We originally designed the planner to only go from August to August. Most planner of my planner users are mothers and have requested an academic layout so they don’t need to switch planners during the middle of a school year. Then, we made it go all the way through to December to please both academic and traditional planner styles. I hope that helps to explain our reasoning.

  4. I love the layout! I know we are still in the holiday season. How long is it taking to ship and receive? I would love to get this for a few friends.

  5. i have been searching and searching and SEARCHING!!! for the perfect planner.. thought I was going to have to create my own. i just knew i couldn’t settle or I wouldn’t use it. SO when i saw this one randomly pop up on Pinterest I was THRILLED and didn’t wait to order. THANK YOU in advance for the perfect planner for my life AND for a price I don’t feel guilty paying to help keep me focused and productive!

    • That is a good question. The post office says for some international it can take up to 17 days and sometimes more. And once it leaves the US boarders I can’t track it any more. I haven’t sold any to Mexico, so I’m not sure how it will go. I have sold a lot in Australia, England, Ireland, and Canada and everyone has received them fine.

  6. I would like to order one of these but there’s only a PayPal option and no price is posted. What’s the price and buying options?

    • The planner is from August 2015 through December 2016, so if you don’t mind having five months extra in the planner (or you could tear out the pages) it does run from January 2016 through December 2016.

  7. I just received my planner, so far it is awesome. I would like to see pages for address, like Christmas card list or just name and address. But over all I think I will enjoy using this planner.

  8. I am in love with my planner. I use it every day, and LOVE how I am able to customize each entry. I am sad to say though that after 3 months of use, the edges on the cover are coming apart. I know many people have listed it here, but the cover is just not thick enough to hold up to daily use. I’ve taped all the corners to see if it will help, but I don’t expect this lasting to the end of the year. I’m pretty devastated because this is the perfect planner for what I need. Please please please create a thicker cover next year. I have no problem paying for higher quality so it can make it through more than 3 months of use. xoxo

  9. Hi! I received my planner a couple of days ago and wanted to say thank you! This is my first Home Executive planner and I already like it a lot more then anything I have been able to find at my local stores! I have a couple recommendations, just some thoughts for future designs, take them or leave them!
    1. Could you offer options for faster shipping? Although you shipped the planner quickly (within a couple days) It took 17 days from the time I placed my order until the time I got the planner. I would be willing to pay more for faster shipping.
    2. I love being able to personalize the columns! And generally like the layout for each week. The one change I would make would be to lighten the lines in each box. They are dark enough that the color is competing with my pen color.
    3. The budget page at the end of each month…I think not putting any words in the expenses category would make it easier to customize. I know I do not have half of the expenses you have listed. Also, I budget by paycheck, so I have ended up printing out a page that works for me and just gluing it over the one that is there. I know we all probably handle our money differently, so take that with a grain of salt.
    4. I wish the pages were a little thicker- although I understand you probably would not be able to keep your price as low as it is…

    Love the quotes and the Tabs, monthly spreads are perfect! Pockets in the front and back are very handy! Recipes are a nice bonus! Stickers are too cute! Overall, I am very pleased!

  10. Do you send a shipping confirmation when it ships? I got one about my payment going though but no shipping, I ordered mine on the 14th but never got an email saying it shipped, just wanted to make sure everything went through ok. Thanks!

  11. I cannot wait to see my new planner in person!!! I found your planner on Pinterest and was amazed when it had everything I wanted/needed AND didn’t cost an arm and a leg!!! THANK YOU! 🙂

  12. Love this planner!!! It does everything I need it to do to keep myself and family organized. The only thing is that I would like an hardcover option. Other then that it’s great and I love all the personal touchs 😀

  13. Hi! Would love to have a 2015 even though it is late in the year. Is it too early for 2016 planners? I would like to order two of those when available. Please Advise! Thanks so much!

  14. I’ve been using my planner since the beginning of August. I love it! It has a place for me to plan my meals (instead of a separate sheet of paper), the grocery list is handy too. My favorite thing is the separate columns for each week. Makes it very easy to keep track of who needs to be where and when. I will definitely be ordering one next year!!!! 🙂

    • I am a little disappointed that after 5 months of use, the pocket on my planner has torn, the cover is starting to wear near the spirals and I am concerned that my daily use of this planner (carrying to and from work/home and to all appointments) may be too much for this. 😦

      • Kristina, I am so sorry about the pockets on your planner. I haven’t heard that from others. Would you email me pictures that I could show to my publisher? jen.picketfence(at)gmail.com

    • The BYU Bookstore has them, as well as the Books and Things Outlet in Springville, UT. I’m told that Seagull Book carries them, but call your nearest store first to make sure that particular store has some in stock. Thanks!

  15. Did you receive my order? My paypal payment went through but did not have an option to fill in my shipping address through your site, nor did I get a receipt from your site, only PayPal. Did you get my order and know the shipping address?

  16. I was so excited to find this planner and especially a place where you could order it in Canada. Much to my dismay, after going through the process I discovered they wanted to charge me more than the cost of the book for shipping! Such a disappointment 😦
    I hope you find more outlets in Canada soon. Looks like a great product.

  17. I ordered this on Amazon a few weeks ago. It said it was temporarily out of stock. Do you know when Amazon will have a new supply? Just wanting it before September.

  18. I ordered one of your planners two years ago from amazon. When it arrived the printing was such a light grey, I could hardly read it. I am wanting to try again, it the printing darker now?

    • Yes, lots darker. That was SUCH a bad year – that was my first year with my publisher and we have things all figured out now. I think you’ll really like the improvements, especially the tabs! 🙂

  19. I have just ordered the planner. I am so excited after purchasing one from Erin Condrin and not being happy with it. However, as a teacher I will be using it for work and I return on August 17th. Do you think it will arrive in time or is there a way to expedite the order? I would not mind paying extra. It would be a big help if I had it in time for meetings and trainings.

  20. Do you have International Shipping, to Europe? I am serving a mission with my husband and I have little resources, and need my usual Exec Planner!! 🙂

  21. Just received my planner the other day and love it. For next year, if you could possibly add more stickers, that would be great. 🙂 With my daughter starting school this year, it will be very helpful to keep track of events, days off, sports, etc. Also, I love the meal planning and budget pages!

  22. I was looking for something smaller and lighter than the Erin Condren one I have for 2015. I see above it is the same size 7×9. 😦 Is it lighter and thinner?

    • The paper weight is very light. I personally would like to see the cover a bit thicker, but other than that it is great. You will LOVE it

  23. I just ordered my planner! I am so excited!! I made a list of everything I wanted in a planner and have been looking at the Lilly and MomAgendas but was not happy with several things in each one. I stumbled upon this one on Pinterest and was ecstatic to see that it had every single thing I wanted. I cannot want to get it so I can go ahead and start planning my fall! THANK YOU!!

  24. Just getting ready to order my planner and I’m excited to get it. I just wonder if next year there will be different cover options?

    • We almost did a few cover options this year, but when I sent out a poll 9 out of 10 liked the one we currently have, so we thought it would be best to just have one cover. We might do different cover options next year. However, we always do a new cover every year.

      • Maybe you could have two design options. Something cutesy like this year’s, and another that is more ‘Executive’ and professional? I love this planner, but feel like the lack of professionalism kind of undermines your mission of elevating the role of ‘stay-at-home mom’ to ‘Home Executive.’ How can I expect others to take me seriously as a Home Executive if this makes it look like I don’t even take myself seriously? Feeling a little bit like Elle in Legally Blonde… fluffy pink pen and all.

        Anyway, I’d love an Executive version. 🙂 Thanks for what you do!

  25. I found this planner 2 years ago and LOVE it! So excited to see the grocery list sectioned off again! I really missed that! This planner helps me stay organized! I tell all my friends about it! I’d love the chance win a planner by submitting a recipe next year!

  26. Also, I was excited to see a ‘Recipes’ tab, but disappointed to find no blank recipe cards. Instead of a section to put favorite recipes, it’s oddly filled with a dozen or so of someone else’s recipes… Ideally, 3-6 filled ones would be nice if the rest were blank.

    • A few blank recipe cards is a great idea. The reason it’s filled with other recipes is because in year’s past, the planner has had a new recipe to try each month on the month calendar pages. I wanted to give more room to the calendar and notes on those pages and decided to move them all to the back. I also thought each recipe would be a lot easier to find if they were all in one section. I have had a fun time collecting new recipes each year for all of the Home Executives to try. I hope you like this year’s selection.

  27. I’v been looking for something like this for a long while, and just recently found it at the BYU bookstore. I was SO excited to use it, but realized after I bought it that I won’t be able to start living an organized life until August. 😦

    Would you ever consider posting a blank week form on here as a printable?

  28. I just got my planner yesterday, I’m super excited to start using it. I’m sure August will be here before I know it! I’m loving the quotes you put on the month tabs, is there any way to get a bigger printable of those (the President Monson one I NEED to see every day!)? Thanks!

  29. I am getting ready to order my new planner but I never got one last year and am needing one for the summer. Can we still purchase the 2014-2015 planner?

  30. I recently preordered my planner when it was still the 20% off on this website. I was wondering if it included the cute ribbons I have scene on some blogs or if that was specific for blog reviewers?

  31. Thank You, I just ordered my planner. I can never find one that I like and this one seams to have what I’m looking for in a planner. Excited to see it!

  32. Can I order an unbound copy? I have a leather binder I use to put my planner in so I can punch the holes to fit. Thanks

    • I don’t have an unbound copy for sale. But, I used to work at a UPS Store and they had a giant paper cutter that we would use to cut off bindings. I bet they could cut off the binding for you and then you could hole punch it. The page sizes are 6×9 but the tabs add another 1/2 in or so this year to the width. Thanks for asking! I hope that helps.

      • Thank you! I just pre ordered my planner 🙂 the last one was amazing. I can’t wait for the new one 🙂

  33. I am so excited for my planner! This is my third year buying and I can’t wait!! 🙂 Thank you so much for creating such an awesome tool!

    • You are welcome! I’m so glad you like it so much! If you ever have any suggestions of things you’d like to see in future planners, let me know. I try to make it better every year.

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