Our Sad Farewell…

Dear wonderful Home Executive customers, we are sad to make this announcement, but after six great years of planning, we have decided that the 2016-2017 planner was our final publication.  This has been a wonderful journey and we are grateful for all of your continued support.

We are excited for the future as our focus shifts to using our talents in graphic design to help others present their ideas, services, and opportunities in as beautiful a way as possible (this is our shameless plug, but if you’re ever in need of some design work, please reach out!)

At the beginning, we wanted to create a planner with everything in one place.  A planner that was functional, yet pretty, and well laid out while not taking up a lot of space.  The “mom” planner world has grown since we began and there are so many beautiful and fun planners available now.

Below are a few planners we would like to refer to you as you begin to look for a planner to begin 2018.  Thank you again for the past six years.  We have loved creating The Home Executive Day Planner.

365 planner

Day Designer

Erin Condern



114 thoughts on “Our Sad Farewell…

  1. How long is the sale going on? I’m trying to decide between this and another planner and don’t want to miss the sale if I choose this one!


  2. I had this the end of last and the whole of this year – it is so useful I love it!! Although it’s a bit annoying that for constant users you double up on some months 🙁 Apart from this looking forward to 2017’s!!

  3. Hi – I am in NZ and was wondering if you did a NZ version, as we don’t do thanksgiving and have different days etc for things. Thanks

    • Our planners are 17-month planners. They always run from August – December each year. This is to accommodate the academic planners and the traditional. This 2016/2017 planner should meet your needs because you will get all of 2017 still. Hope this helps.

  4. I love the look of this new planner. So adorable. My question is whether you changed the thickness of the pages cover. I got your last model and was in love, but it started to bend and fall apart within a couple of weeks of use. The cover started to come undone and I had to tape it in a million place and finally gave up after just 3 months of use. 😦 I sure hope you did, because I will be ordering another to replace it if that is the case!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. My mothers who know planner/ calendar for this year was missing the weekly calendar pages for the last week in feb. and now the last week in May. Has this been a problem for others? It’s frustrating to me. I haven’t checked the rest of the year yet

    • Hi Pam, I am sorry your “Mothers Who Know Planner” was missing pages. Unfortunately that is not our planner, we design and sell the Home Executive Day Planner. I do know that sometimes when large runs are printed (of any book) there can be a few bad prints. Your planner is probably just a rare case and I’m sure the creator of that planner would love to hear from you and help you. I looked online and I believe their contact information can be found here: http://intheleafytreetops.com/connect/

      Best of luck and Happy Planning! 🙂

    • No, we design August to December so it works with those who like to plan Aug-Aug and those who like Jan-Dec. It also helps so you can plan future events until you have the next year’s planner.

  6. preordered my 2016/17 planner a while ago and haven’t heard anything about shipment…when should I expect it?

  7. I just love your planner! I was wondering, with the new design for 2016/2017, do the meal planning pages look the same as they do for this year? Thanks!

  8. I left a comment a few days ago, but haven’t seen it posted, so I’m going to try again.

    I recently got my planner from Amazon. I love it. The layout is great with plenty of space for daily activities and I adore the quotes at the beginning of each month. It’s nifty to have new recipes, I love the space at the end for planning of holidays, and that each week allows you to write a shopping list. This would be the perfect planner, in my opinion, with just one tweek.

    I chose this planner because it had a budget inside of it, so I could keep everything in one place instead of a bunch of notebooks for everything. Unfortunately, I found that the budget part really isn’t anything more than listing the final amounts of things at the end of the month. I was hoping that it would have room for a monthly tally of your expenses (so I can add up how much I spent on each budget item as I spend it instead of doing it separately) and for a daily accounting of your spending – like a checkbook register, which I don’t have because I haven’t used checks in over a decade. So the budget part becomes more of a hassle than a help because I have to get a separate notebook to keep track of my finances and then break everything down just to fit it into the ‘budget’ in the planner.

    I hope that the next version has an expanded monthly budget section, or I’ll have to find another planner that is all in one. Which I hope I don’t have to do, because I love everything else about the planner!

    • Thank you for loving the planner. About the budgeting page at the end of each month, you are able to tally your totals for estimated expenses, actual expenses and the difference. As for the weekly budgeting, the great thing about the design of the weekly spread, are the blank columns. The uses for these columns are quite endless. For you Kelly, it might work out really nice to make one column for your budgeting. You can then budget daily and tally things up at the end. I hope that works, I will see what the interest is for a different budgeting layout. Thank you again.

  9. I just got my planner today. I love it! The inspirational quotes are wonderful! I love all of the little added things like recipes, space for planning holidays, even the grocery lists on the side of each page.

    The only thing I’d like to see change in the next edition is expanding the budget part. I’m still going to have to write my daily expenses and break them down by category in another notebook first before I can put the information into the planner. It would be really great if each month had space for both keeping track of account balances (incoming/outgoing) and to help people break down their spending (ie:clothes, food, entertainment). The planner allows for a final number for many items but not a running tally for the month to obtain that number. I hope the next one has that, so this truly will be an all in one planner!

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